Patent matters
2014-07-21 23:02:03 Author:admin

    Intellectual property is key to XuanZhu Pharma. Members in patent department are responsible for all IP related practices, including but not limited to coordination with agency, management of PCT international patent application, patent drafting and amendment, response to agency requests, patent processing and maintenance, query of compound novelty, and patent retrieval and analysis.
    Since the establishment of the patent department, all members have actively participated in IP trainings organized by the community associations to improve their professions. Now the department has managed more than 180 China endorsed patents and many other international patents granted by the United States, Japan and Europe. To achieve a strong protection on R&D innovation, the department has established a comprehensive system of IP practices and patent protection strategy for innovative drug inventions. In upcoming years, our goals are to continue to optimize the patent system and build patent fortress in order to strengthen our management. By providing IP support to firmly protect our inventions, the patent department is playing a significant role in XuanZhu Pharma to enhance the market value and competitiveness of the corporate.


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