The New Drug Design and Synthesis Center
2014-07-21 23:28:21 Author:admin
    The New Drug Design and Synthesis Center is composed of experienced scientists excelled in drug design and synthetic chemistry. Responsibilities of the center are: target selection, project initiation, project management in research phase, design and synthesis of small molecule drugs, and domestic and international patent application and maintenance.
     The mission of the New Drug Design and Synthesis Center is to build a world-class drug discovery system. We do so by utilizing the cutting edge drug discovery technology and advanced management acumen. We also fit that system to the external factors such as trends in pharmaceutical industry and medical needs from patients in China and globe. We believe that the fit of our internal system to the external changes will enable us to increase our product competitiveness in the market. The fit will also help reduce project risk, shorten the R&D duration, and improve our work efficiency.
     The center now has over 900-square meter synthesis lab area and 500-square meter development lab area with more than 100 lab hoods. The center has purchased advanced equipment including Bruker NMR, HPLC-MS system, Isco flash chromatography, CEM microwaves,EYELA Rotary Evaporator,and others.

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