Center for Bacteriology
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      There is more than 500 square meter lab area in the Center for Bacteriology. Among all labs, BSL-2 labs are approved by city sanitation department to carry out experiments using category 3 and 4 pathogen bacteria. The center builds long-term preservation for microbial culture by both ultra low temp and lyophilization. This technology enables us to preserve over 10,000 microbial culture collection, a valuable resource for screening and development anti-infectious drugs through thorough in-vivo and ex-vivo experiments.
      Since its foundation, the center has established strong relationship with many industry-respected partners. The center has also accomplished research and development of numerous National Category 1.1 antibiotic candidates. On top of all R&D capabilities, we contribute to regulatory files pertinent to pre-clinical studies for all anti-infectious drugs. 
      Molecular biology labs and cellular biology labs are major components of the Center for Bacteriology. The labs are equipped with modern technological facilities, which accelerate investigation of many enzymatic and cellular activity studies. The center is able to conduct target validation, MOA studies, and in-vitro screenings for drug candidates.


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