Center for in vivo Pharmacology
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      Guided by experts from US, the team at Center for In-vivo Pharmacology is full of professional scientists with multi-disciplinary and educational backgrounds. In past several years, the center has conducted many ex-vivo and in-vivo studies for drug candidates in various disease models (Ulcer, diabetes, ED, BPH, etc.). A collection of platforms is set up to screen pre-clinical drug candidates: 1). Ulcer drug screening platform; 2). CCV disease drug screening platform; 3). Metabolic disease drug screening platform; 4). Urology disease drug screening platform; 5). Oncology disease drug screening platform. In addition, platforms for other disease areas are also available by collaborating with CROs.
     The center is able to conduct in-vivo experiments for MOA studies to validate biologic targets and identify biomarkers. The center also conducts PK-PD studies to investigate correlation between plasma concentration and in-vivo efficacy.
     Instruments available for supporting above drug screening platforms include DSI blood pressure telemetry system, BP-98A noninvasive blood pressure meter, Glucose meter, Medlab Data Recording&Analysis System, Eppendorf 5810R refrigerated centrifuge, paw volume meter, peristaltic pump etc.  

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