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     Characterized by strong technical force, XuanZhu boasts a galaxy of top-notch researchers. Currently, there are 216 R&D personnel in total, including 6 overseas returnees with Ph.D., 4 doctors graduating from domestic universities, 102 masters and 67 bachelors. The employees with bachelor degree or above account for 83%. The core technical team is composed of a number of overseas returnees with Ph.D. who have years of experience in innovative drug research and development, of whom the CEO Frank Wu is awarded distinguished expert of innovative talents as a member of national “One-Thousand-Talents Program”; besides, there are also “Taishan Scholar” Dr. ChengKon Shih and Dr. Chutian Shu, Jinan “5150 Spring City Scholar” Dr. Peng peng and Dr. Jeff C. Shi, as well as Dr. Jiakui Li who comes from Roche with rich experience in pharmaceutical preparations. This year, two outstanding scientists with rich experiences joined XuanZhu – Dr. Sheng, Zejuan from Genetech (Roche) and Dr. Liang, Guohua from Ricerca Biosciences, LLC. They respectively enjoy special allowance from the central government, the provincial finance and municipal finance.
     Talent is the cornerstone of the enterprise and also the source of strength for its healthy and rapid development. XuanZhu provides a challenging job with attractive salaries and benefits for the hard-working, flexible and team-oriented staff. We also provide a good platform with a wealth of high-quality education and training opportunities, which gives full play to their potential and wisdom.
    XuanZhu provides the staff with a reasonable and competitive compensation and welfare system, which inspires their initiative and creativity. The company endeavors to maximally match the targets and benefits between the company and employees and realize our mutual development. 
    Talent is the first resource of the enterprise. Our goal is to cultivate high-caliber personnel, develop first-class products and create outstanding achievements. We strive for an invincible position and permanent vitality of our enterprise in the competitive marketplace. Training not only helps us make full preparation to meet the future challenges, but also provides a guarantee for the improvement of the comprehensive quality for the staff, which contributes to the sustainable development of our enterprise.
    XuanZhu provides the staff with various opportunities to learn and grow, such as internal training, external training and on-the-job training so as to improve their working skills, leadership and executive ability of the corporate strategy. We have established wide cooperation with well-known institutions and regularly invite the experts to give lectures. In addition, we have conducted a long-term cooperation with Sun Yat-sen University to jointly develop high-level R&D talents and achieve mutual benefits between our enterprise and the universities.
     We focus on the combination of theory and practice and keep pace with the times to cultivate high-grade R&D personnel. The scholars and experts from both home and abroad bring us the world’s most cutting-edge scientific knowledge through academic exchanges and other forms. Besides, the top management team with rich experience in R&D of innovative drugs lead the research team personally, bringing us valuable hands-on experience through words and deeds. 
    XuanZhu is an innovative company dedicated to scientific research of new drug. We enhance our core competitiveness through the improvement of technical expertise and attach great importance to fostering technical talents and comprehensive talents with outstanding management capabilities by designing practical career planning and development strategies for them. 
  XuanZhu adheres to the people-oriented business philosophy and fine tradition of Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Ltd. We not only improve salaries and benefits for the staff but also provide them with comfortable working environment. We are dedicated to enhancing the enterprise culture construction and enriching the  life of staff with various recreational and cultural activities annually. 
     In addition, the company invests RMB 200 million to build a 12-story research building with the total area of 25,000 square meters. The building is expected to be completed in 2015 and it will further improve the environment of office, staff quarters and other service facilities.

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